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About Me

Now in my ninth year of teaching, I am currently the Title I Math Specialist at Lawrence Elementary in Canton, SD.  This is my first year teaching in Canton, and I couldn't be more excited to be back in my hometown.  Prior to this position, I taught for eight years at Gayville-Volin School in Gayville, SD.  During my time at G-V, I taught first grade, Title I reading and math, and coordinated the after school and summer program during my first two years.  I then taught 3rd-7th math for five years and spent my final year in the sixth grade regular classroom.  I am very grateful to G-V and will miss all my friends and students dearly.

My education:  I graduated from Canton High School in 2000.  Following high school, I attended Northwestern College in Orange City, IA, where I received a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and an endorsement in reading in May 2004.  During my first year of teaching, I was a member of PDC (Professional Development Center), which is a first-year teacher/Master's program through the University of South Dakota.  In August of 2006, I received a Master's degree in TET (Technology in Education & Training) from USD.  You may check out my portfolio.   In 2007, I became highly qualified to teach middle school math.

My family:  I was born and raised in Canton, SD, where my parents, Marcia and Dave, still reside. I have an older brother Brad and a younger sister Courtney.  My brother lives in Sioux Falls with his wife Jill and their daughter Brooklyn.  My sister is currently living in NCY where she is obtaining her master's degree in theatre. 

My interests:  When I'm not teaching my awesome students or hanging out with family and friends, I enjoy the arts: I can't live without music, and I'm a bit of an Internet junkie.  Other interests include baking--especially for my students!!  I also love the outdoors--summer is my favorite season, and I enjoy biking, hiking, and traveling.  My interests also include experimenting with technology, allowing me to explore my creativity and enhance my teaching.



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