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Welcome to my web site.  This site is devoted to my math students at Lawrence Elementary.  My intention in creating this space is to increase communication among my students, their parents, and myself.  On these pages you will find information pertaining to the math skills and concepts we are working on during our Title I sessions.  I have also included some helpful links for additional math practice at home.  Notice my contact information below as well and please feel free to reach me at any time.  I hope this site is helpful to you.  Enjoy!

Problem of the Week


    Number Hang-Up
The owner of a motel with 100 rooms wants the room doors numbered in order from 1 to 100. She asks you to buy numbers and hang them on the doors. Now you must go to the store and buy all the digits you need to make the numbers.

How many of each digit, 0 to 9, must you buy?



My door is always open before and after school.  Please stop with any questions or concerns.

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The Ten Commandments of Math

(from the Handley Math Page)

            1.  Thou shalt read Thy problem.

            2.  Whatsoever Thou doest to one side of ye equation, Do ye also to the other.

            3.  Thou must use Thy "Common Sense", else Thou wilt have flagpoles 9,000 feet in height, 

                  yea ...even fathers younger than sons.

            4.  Thou shalt ignore the teachings of false prophets to do work in Thy head.

            5.  When Thou knowest not, Thou shalt look it up, and if Thy search still elude Thee, Then

                 Thou shalt ask the all-knowing teacher.

            6.  Thou shalt master each step before putting Thy heavy foot down on the next.

            7.  Thy correct answer does not prove that Thou hast worked Thy problem correctly. This

                 argument  convincest none, least of all, Thy teacher.

            8.  Thou shalt first see that Thou hast copied Thy problem correctly before bearing false

                 witness that the answer book lieth.

            9.  Thou shalt look back even unto Thy youth and remember Thy arithmetic.

          10.  Thou shalt learn, speak, write, and listen correctly in the language of mathematics, and

                  verily A's and B's shall follow Thee even unto graduation.

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